Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tiny USB Digital Camera

Check out this fun concept camera from designer Sungwoo Park called "Eazzzy". Eazzzy is an 'Easy digital camera' that requires no additional connector for transferring data to other devices. It has no viewfinder, no LCD screen and only one button. Its just a prototype for now and I don’t think it has a good picture quality. The concept is pretty awesome anyway.

A Golden iPod for David Beckham's!!!

To celebrate David Beckham’s 100th contribution to the English national football team, his colleagues got him a 32Gb iPod Touch that’s been personalised just for him in gold. As you can see it is not just your standard Apple product but rather a golden 32-gigabyte personalised version to mark the occasion. Congratulation Becks!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Samsung SGH E490 : Sleek, Stylish, Sexy

Couldn't help posting a review on the Samsung SGH E490, since I've been using it for the last 10 months and have fallen in love with it...

Personally I'm not a big fan of the 'open and answer' flip or clamshell phone design. To each his own right. But I have to say, quite a few manufacturers have taken it to whole new level, with sleek and stylish designs and dual screens. Let's not leave out the colors. Well, not all of them may be as appealing as the next but most manage to pull it off without a hitch. A good example of fashion and elegance in a flip phone is the Samsung SGH – E490.

Like I said before, the design of the E490 is quite elegant with a smooth metallic color finish and the cool style is only accentuated with the silver linings. It's also rather slim and lightweight for a flip with dimensions like - 94 x 49 x 15.5 mm and it weighs 83g. On the front you'll see a monochrome screen (128 x 32 pixel resolution) that’s just 32 x 8 mm wide, but has a choice of 7 colors in case you'd like to go with one that matches the replaceable panels you may have chosen. Yes the panels are changeable too. Just above the screen is the 1.3 megapixel camera.

On the right hand side is the Hot-Swap microSD slot for external memory and the dedicated camera key is just underneath that. On the other side are the propriety USB/Charger/Earphone socket. Why oh why couldn't they just have another socket for the earphones? Anyways, moving along, underneath that are the volume keys that also double as the zoom keys. Flip her open and you have the clear 176 x 220 pixel, TFT screen with 65K colors. Just beneath the screen are 2 speakers that aren't great but they aren't so bad in speaker-phone mode. I have to admit, I thought the keypad would pose a bit of a problem but thanks to the large keys and the 5 way nav-pad I had absolutely no issues. There are also 3 dedicated keys for the MP3 player, messaging and the browser. Ain't tat sexy... :) My Samsung SGH E490...

Detailed Specifications

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fly Launches The 'Hummer'

Fly, the flagship brand of Meridian Mobile, today launched its most awaited phone, the Hummer. For this purpose, French handset maker ModeLabs has carried over GM's (General Motors) Hummer license to the mobile phone. This design has been styled after the Hummer car and comes in three colors — Yellow, Military camouflage and Black.

Also present for the occasion was Malaika Arora Khan, who is the brand ambassador of Fly Phones. "When I came to know about the phone first, my first impression was that the phone is obviously for the males. Having used it, however, I feel quite differently now," she said.

The Hummer comes with a 262K color LCD with touch screen, a 2MP camera, 256MB MicroSD card bundled, FM radio and MP3 player. The phone is just one amongst 15 more to be launched in the next quarter itself, as informed by CEO, Rajiv Khanna. "We have plans to get really aggressive in the market, but as of now the strategy calls for streamlining the business channels before we can start work on branding," he said.

The phone will cost Rs. 10,000 in the market and is customized with Hummer paint color.